Katalin Piroska Matavovszky

piano teacher

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Piano teacher

Katalin Piroska Matavovszky has taught piano and synthesizer since 1982, while still in college and majoring in music at the College of Marin in Kentfield California, just outside of San Francisco.  She wanted to teach a new way, that was fun, fast and dynamically  learning effective  so that children and adults could play the piano and keyboards, not just immediatly, but also to play the music they loved.  It didn’t matter if it was Popular, Jazz , Folk, or Classical.  She wanted to make the music available to her students the very next lesson; streamlining the effort in learning to read music, while she supported their studies, every step of the way.

She created the Chromatone music reading method, and it worked.  Her success as a piano teacher in California  was a joyfull career for her and her students and families that spanned 22 years.    In 1995 she became a member of the Music Teacher’s  Association of California ( MTAC, www.mtac.org) Marin County Branch, where she also held office as Recording Secretary, in 1999 through 2000.

The Music Teachers’ Association of California®, incorporated in 1897, is a professional organization dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in music education. With over 4,700 members, there are more than 67 self-governing, affiliated branches throughout the state—from Humboldt County to San Diego County—which coordinate their own activities as well as participate in state-wide events.

„The MTAC gave my students a wonderful opportunity to participate in the Merit Certification program, as well as a chance to be awarded  a rating of excellence, and to participate  in the winner’s recitals, which many of them did.  I wanted for my students to have a chance to experience the joy of achievment, as I did as a young student.” 

 The Music Teachers’ Association of California® (MTAC) sponsors the music study program Certificate of Merit® (CM). The program provides a standard of curriculum that requires students to strive for focused musical excellence in performance, technique, ear training, sight reading/singing, and music theory.  Initiated in 1933, the annual statewide program involves approximately 30,000 students in piano, violin, cello, viola, flute, French horn, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, baritone/euphonium horn, voice, and harp. Students benefit tremendously from this educational opportunity.

In 2002 Katalin came to Hungary, Europe, the country of her birth, with her family to explore the wonderful and historic music culture for a year; well, that year had been extended all the way untill now.  In 2005 she was asked to teach at a public school in the Baroque city of Győr, the city of her birth and her family’s home town.  Her teaching there spanded 9 years, where she taught piano and solfegge, as well as accompanied other solo performances , choruses and singers, solo instrumentalist, as well as composed music for her students.

At this same time, she wanted to attain  a Hungarian diploma as well, thus  she attended  the North West University of Hungary, at Szombathely,  where she received her Bachelour of Arts  in vocal music., studied the grand organ, and liturgical music.  She also minored in English.   Although, Katalin speaks fluently  Hungarian, yet, her native language is American English.  Thus, she offers her students, her music classes in both English or Hungarian.